Riot Games is the developer and publisher of League of Legends (LoL), a famous multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Launched in 2009, LoL has become a global gaming phenomenon, attracting millions of players worldwide. The game is set in the fictional world of Runeterra, where players assume the roles of “champions,” each possessing unique abilities and skills.

In LoL, two teams, consisting of five players each, compete against each other on a map called Summoner’s Rift. The objective is to destroy the enemy’s Nexus, their main base while defending their own. Throughout the match, players engage in intense strategic battles, navigating through lanes and jungles and securing essential objectives like dragons and Baron Nashor.

Season 2 is no exception, offering many challenges and opportunities for players to test their skills. Milio, a seasoned LoL player, is determined to achieve mastery in this season’s ever-evolving meta. This guide will explore Milio’s journey and strategies for successfully navigating the Season 2 meta.

Milio: The New Character

In January 2023, the League of Legends developers released a video previewing the upcoming Champions for PreSeason 2023. In a Reddit thread, Riot Reav3 provided additional details about the release schedule and improvements for the next champions.

Surprising the community on March 4th, the developers unveiled a new champion for League of Legends through the Milio Champion Trailer. This upcoming support bot lane champion, Milio, League of Legends, was introduced as the 163rd champion. 

The Background

Milio, known as the Gentle Flame, originates from Ixtal, a secluded region renowned for its mystical forests. Among the notable League lore characters from Ixtal are Rengar, Kiana, and Nico. Milio’s design draws significant inspiration from Latin American cultures, reflecting the essence of Ixtal’s heritage.

Before Milio’s birth, his grandmother Lupe, alongside his twin sister Lune, practiced as elemental masters. However, they were separated and punished, with later revelations indicating that Lune had conspired against Yun Tal. In later years, Lupe tried to pass on his teachings to Milio, but he struggled to exhibit the same elemental affinity as his grandmother, leading Lupe to abandon the endeavor.

Nonetheless, Milio persisted in his practice and encountered a wounded hunter, where he discovered a new hypothesis known as the “soothing flame.” Using this newfound power, he healed the hunter and returned home to showcase his abilities to his grandmother. With Lupe’s guidance, Milio, League of Legends, refine his skills and embarks on a journey to Ixaokan to restore his family’s standing among Ixtal’s ruling caste. Before their departure, Milio and his grandmother craft a unique backpack named “Farnasita,” serving as a vessel to keep their magical flames alive.

Understanding the Meta

The meta in LoL refers to the prevailing strategies, champion picks, and playstyles that dominate the game during a specific season. In Season 2, several factors shape the meta, such as champion balance changes, item updates, and the evolving playstyle of the community.

Understanding the meta involves keeping up with patch notes, analyzing high-level gameplay, and adapting strategies accordingly. Milio in League of Legends recognizes the importance of staying informed and actively seeks the latest information to adjust his gameplay effectively.

Mastering the Meta

  • Flexibility in Champion Pool

A crucial aspect of mastering the meta is having a versatile champion pool. Milio avoids restricting himself to a few champions and aims to be proficient with multiple picks across different roles. This allows him to adapt to changing circumstances and team compositions.

Milio dedicates time to mastering a mix of meta picks and comfort champions, ensuring that he can contribute effectively regardless of the team composition or the meta’s direction. Flexibility grants him the advantage of counter-picking opponents or synergizing better with teammates.

  • Jungle Pathing and Objectives

Milio, League of Legends, recognizes his vital role in shaping the game’s outcome. In Season 2, efficient jungle pathing and objective control are critical to success. He studies the most effective paths for his champions, learning the optimal timings for clearing camps and ganking lanes.

Objectives, such as dragons and Rift Herald, heavily influence the game’s pace and outcome. Milio coordinates with his team to secure these objectives and capitalize on the opportunities they create. Effective communication and vision control around goals can make or break a game.

  • Adapting to Patch Changes

Season 2 is marked by frequent patch updates that impact champion balance, item strength, and overall gameplay. Milio understands that adapting to the evolving meta is essential to staying on top of these changes.

He regularly reads patch notes and watches high-level gameplay to understand the implications of each update. Instead of being caught off guard by a sudden meta-shift, Milio proactively prepares for these changes, incorporating new strategies into his gameplay.

  • Synergy and Communication

In a team-based game like LoL, synergy, and communication are paramount. Milio prioritizes fostering positive relationships with his teammates, promoting effective communication, and strategizing together to achieve success.

Team composition plays a significant role in the Season 2 meta, with certain combinations being more potent than others. Milio in League of Legends ensures that his team understands each other’s strengths and weaknesses, leading to a more cohesive and harmonious playstyle.

  • Mastering Micro and Macro Gameplay

Milio recognizes the importance of both micro and macro gameplay. Micro refers to a player’s individual mechanics and decision-making, while macro encompasses broader strategic decisions that influence the entire team.

Milio continuously hones his mechanical skills through practice and analysis regarding micro gameplay. He watches replays of his games to identify areas for improvement and refines his mechanics in targeted training sessions.

Regarding macro gameplay, Milio studies professional matches and high-level streamers to grasp the strategic decisions they make throughout the game. He learns how to prioritize objectives, rotate effectively, and control the map, ultimately leading to a more significant impact on his team’s success.

  • Adopting a Growth Mindset

Throughout his journey, Milio in League of Legends maintains a growth mindset. He perceives setbacks and losses as opportunities to learn and improve rather than a reason to become demoralized. This positive outlook allows him to bounce back from defeats and strive for mastery.

Milio also recognizes that mistakes are an integral part of the learning process. He doesn’t dwell on past errors but instead focuses on understanding the lessons they offer and how he can implement improvements in his future matches.

Counters for Milio, League of Legends Season 2

Here are the top counters to defeat Milio in LoL season 13:

  • Annie

Considered the ultimate counter for Milio in the current meta. Annie’s early-game high damage and three abilities that deal damage make her a formidable opponent during the laning phase. Her Incinerate (Q) provides a long-range stun, setting up quick trades and swindle opportunities. Annie players can exploit Milio’s vulnerability early on and create a lead to snowball.

  • Senna

While not a direct leaning counter to Milio, Senna can outscore him thanks to her passive. With a safe and free farming lane, she can collect stacks and dominate the mid and late-game with her extra long-range auto attacks and damage. Senna’s out-scaling potential makes her a strong choice against Milio.

  • Blitzcrank

If you prefer playing melee champions, Blitzcrank is the best hook support to counter Milio. Unlike other hook champions, Blitzcrank pulls targets toward him, rendering Milio’s Ultra Mega Fire Kick (Q) useless mid-dash. Additionally, Blitzcrank’s crowd control abilities can be used to burst Milio down before he can cast his spells.

  • Thresh

Another aggressive engage champion, Thresh can win against Milio by roaming the map and assisting other learners in snowballing. Timing and baiting Milio’s ultimate during team fights is crucial, as Thresh’s team should avoid forcing too quickly, allowing Milio and his ADC to capitalize on their mistakes.

  • Sona

An off-meta counter pick that can surprise opponents. Sona’s strength lies in her scaling capabilities; as the game progresses, her buffs, heals, and shields become increasingly influential. Sona players should focus on reasonable vision control to avoid hoaxes and stay safe during the landing. Sona will surpass him in the late game if she can scale and keep up with Milio.


Mastering the meta in Season 2 of League of Legends is no easy task, but Milio’s dedication and commitment to continuous improvement make him a formidable player. By staying informed about the meta, cultivating a diverse champion pool, adapting to patch changes, and honing his micro and macro gameplay, Milio in League of Legends is well on his way to reaching new heights in Season 2.

Aspiring LoL players can take inspiration from Milio’s journey, using his strategies and mindset to conquer the challenges that the dynamic world of League of Legends presents. With dedication, practice, and a growth mindset, players can strive for mastery and make their mark on the ever-evolving meta.


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