These days, Minecraft is a thrilling and well-liked game. Mojang Studios developed the most known game Minecraft using Java programming. Over a trillion people have seen Minecraft videos on YouTube, making it one of the most widely played games.  About the Minecraft Game. Minecraft’s famous sandbox computer game lets players construct, explore, and go on adventures in a 3D solid world. Markus “Notch” Persson created Minecraft, which was available to the general public in 2011. Due to the game’s creative flexibility, open-ended gameplay, and capacity to let players create and discover their worlds in virtual reality, it has become trendy. By producing informative tutorials, interesting gameplay videos, and engaging material for millions of followers, Minecraft YouTubers are responsible for furthering the game’s popularity. How did YouTubers help Shape the Gaming Community?  Exposure: YouTubers frequently play a crucial role in bringing new games to a larger audience. Also known as “exposure…

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